Board of Directors

Paula Corrado

Chair of Women Freedom Forum, has a BS in Education with an emphasis in Math and Science from Arizona State University where she was honored as one of the top 100 students for scholarship, service and collegiate activities. Paula was a flight attendant for American Airlines, where she won a class action suit before the U.S. Supreme Court on Women’s right to work after marriage and motherhood. In Greenwich, CT Paula served for six years on the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) as Transportation Chairwoman where she was called “The Conscience of the RTM.” She is an entertainer and writer, mother of five and a grandmother of fifteen.

Lynn Dykstra

Professional photographer, founder of Our Global Cry for Freedom, and United Nations representative and civil society outreach director of Women’ Freedom Forum.
Women’s Freedom Forum Representative for United Nations issues and civil society outreach
Professional photographer providing world-class photography services to world-class businesses, associations and groups.
Founder of Our Global Cry for Freedom A space to honor the real-life stories of peoples’ international experiences of escape from oppression in countries that do not support basic human rights. And, for the encouragement of others, to share the personal successes and positive contributions to their new country and communities

Mitra Samani

Mitra Samani, former political prisoner in Iran; survivor-turned activist in support of women and human rights.
A former political prisoner In Iran, she was arrested by the Iranian Security Forces for being a women’s rights activist. During her four-year imprisonment, she endured and witnessed brutal tortures and summary executions of tens of activist women. After her release from prison, Mitra was under constant surveillance and for several years she had to go to Evin prison for monthly interrogation. Finally, after a long and painful process, she managed to get out of the country and settle in the United States
She has given a series of lectures on the misogyny of Islamic extremism, the threat it poses to the civilized world, and gross human rights violations in Iran and in MENA region. Mitra received her Bachelor’s degree in English Translation. She is married, has a daughter, and lives CA.

Zahra Amanpour

Zahra Amanpour is a senior advisor at Jobs for the Future (JFF). Her work focuses on economic mobility and the strengthening of communities through small business, worker opportunity and technology. Her work is anchored by her deep belief that economic opportunity is critical to the pursuit of justice and equality for all. Zahra is a serial entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Main Street Assembly, facilitating the exchange and implementation of knowledge, technology and ecosystems between small businesses and entities that want to create social impact with them. Prior, she was the founder and CEO of Indiegrove, a successful coworking community in Jersey City, NJ. She also supports entrepreneurs and small businesses through strategy consulting, public speaking and advocacy work. Zahra has a MA in Social Psychology and MBA in International Business. She has been on the board of Women’s Freedom Forum since 2004.